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Sweet Eva-Marie's Performance Stage

When Teddy Bear was a child, he use to love putting on small shows and plays for his parents and grandparents. The performances would usually happen in grandma's basement on wash day or in the local community theatre. Later in life, Teddy Bear was a tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood, produced three full length feature films (see, and has been seen on TV and in film. Teddy Bear loves the magic that happens when anyone performs including YOU.

Sweet Eva-Marie's Performance Stage is named after one of Teddy Bear's rescue dogs Eva-Marie who is buried under The Tree of Light and Love on the East end of the property. The stage was built in honor of Eva-Marie who brought light and love to all who met her. We at the ranch hope the performance stage is a place where families spend time together being creative but most importantly supportive and loving. A family who plays together stays together. We have attached below some scenes from Little House on the Prairie and others to help you find something to do on the stage. We also encourage kids to write something before they arrive or prepare to do a variety show. You might just want to do a little improv too!

To guests staying two nights or more, we have an option which provides you access to our more than 750 costumes and props for use in your productions or photoshoots. For more information, visit this link.

Click on the .pdf icon and download several scenes from the pilot episode of Little House On The Prairie. Next, put on your costumes available in our Wild West Waredrobe Room. Act out and film your scenes on Sweet Eva-Marie's Performance Stage! Send us a link and your entered to win $200 on Christmas Day 2021. Good luck!

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