Tiger Lily's

TeePee & Arrowhead Hunting Experience

RE-OPENED MAY 15, 2020

We introduced our Tiger Lily's TeePee Experience in 2019. This year, we've expanded this attraction by adding Arrowhead Hunting. That's right! Kids and adults together get to hunt for arrowheads on the grounds surrounding the teepee. On June 2, we spread 500 arrowheads directly surrounding the teepee. Depending on how far out your visit is with us, you might want to order your own arrowheads to ensure your kids find plenty of these ancient artifacts. Order extra arrowheads on Amazon by clicking here.

Families have reported using the TeePee to tell ghost stories, make homemade movies, enjoy creative family portraits, and much more. This year, we've added Lincoln Logs, PlaySkool Ghost Town with lots of figurines for your children to enjoy. We keep the toys in a locked toy chest. Text me at 213-948-3165 if you are in the teepee and need to know where the keys are to the lock.

Things to remember when encountering Tiger Lily's Teepee and Arrowhead Hunting Experience.
1) Please make sure you close and latch the teepee door when exiting the teepee. The wind can blow down the teepee.

2) The teepee doesn't have electric so bring your own flash lights.
3) Bring your sleeping bags if you want to stay the night.
4) Please do not eat in the teepee. Crumbs attract bugs. Also, food might attract bears or other animals.

5) Please do not allow animals in the teepee unless you make sure they pee and poop before entering.
6) When you are in the teepee, you might encounter insects and spiders. 
7) Please do not touch the canvas part of the teepee or allow anything to touch the canvas. Do not allow cots, sticks, hands or any object to touch the canvas. This is our second teepee because prior guests poked holes in the canvas.

8) We do have artificial grass on the floor of the teepee so you can nap or play.

9) Please clean up all the toys before leaving the teepee. House keeping sometimes runs out of time and skips the teepee.

10) We have hidden several hundred arrowheads in the horse corral where the teepee is located. Please feel free to keep a couple of arrowheads as souvenirs. The attraction only works if you return a majority of the arrowheads to the Earth so our next guests can also enjoy the hunt.

Free Arrowhead Hunting Explained...