May 2020 -- We Are Open! Here is what we've been working on.

We are OPEN!

The TIPI IS BACK. 9 Hole Mini Golf is OPEN and FREE! Our downstairs bathroom has been freshly painted. The entire cabin and game barn has been freshly stained. The hammock has a new fresh hammock.

Our TeePee is back up. We are still fixing up the inside of the TeePee but it's BACK! When you use it, please remember to always close the door/flap before and after use.

We have a new recliner couch in the living room. This gives 8 people the opportunity to sit on a couch in the living room at the same time. The main reason i bought this couch is so that I can sleep on the couch when I stay at the cabin. I also like to recline and watch Netflix.

We just restained the game barn.

I took a break on my last trip to Big Bear and walked the dogs along the shoreline.

We re-stained the cabin during the Stay At Home order.

Spencer enjoys hanging out at the mini-golf course.

We just re-stained the entire cabin.

We put up a new sign at the entrance of the ranch.

Mickey Mouse enjoying the back porch. Yes, his name is Mickey Mouse...just look at those ears.

View of the cabin and game barn.