An Amazing Winter at Teddy Bear's Ranch

Last November, a family contacted us about wanting to rent the ranch after their son passed away. The son's dream was to have the entire family live up in the mountains. We told them that our entire intention with the ranch is to help restore families by giving them a chance to be a family again. It was the perfect fix. Over the months, I became friends with the family. I found Judy some house keeping work. Her boys and husband had work that kept them busy too. The last time I was visiting, I gave Judy a ride back from a house she was cleaning. I gave her a big hug and told her I would see her next weekend. She smiled. I waved bye. One my way down the hill, I had a weird feeling overcome me. I called Judy and I said, "Something is bothering me. My soul is telling me that is going to be the last time I see you." She told me that was silly. I told her that made me happy. That next Tuesday, I got the phone call. Judy believes her cancer has returned and needed to go back to Florida immediately. Judy and I are still texting and speaking on the phone. Her family will be heading back to Florida to be with her March 20th. I never know what to make of this adventure we have called, "LIFE." But my families aim is to contribute to the good in the world by providing an escape from the clutter. I'm happy Judy and Todd stayed for the time they stayed at Teddy Bear's Ranch. I will miss them. I will keep them in our prayers. But I will always remember, their son's dream came true.

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