Good-bye Wonka

One of our host dogs keeping Teddy Bear's Ranch safe passed away this week. Wonka was a 19 year old rescue dog(soul) who was dumped by his birth family a year ago in the Baldwin Park Animal Kill Shelter. The owners of Teddy Bear's Ranch rescued him and have been taking care of him until his passing on November 17th. Wonka had an amazing year living with the Teddy Bear Ranch family. Wonka was buried under the Tree Of Light as our registered guardian over all the guests who pass through here. Wonka loved being here. His favorite place to hang out was The Game Barn. Watching him walk around our heaven on Earth helps our family know we did what was best and right for him. Being up here with Wonka brought our family closer together. He reminded us of our most important things. Family, love, trust, and togetherness. Had you told us we would have learned so much from this old soul, we would not have believed you. We bought this ranch in part because we wanted the resting place for our dogs to be under the Tree of Light. We can't think of a more special place on Earth. We hope you feel the same way about our home. Just know Wonka prepared the way for you. We miss him so much. We was and is our everything. Till the morning Wonka. We love you.

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