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Sraz Igra Download (April-2022)




After a contestant had won a game, they can ask if they could play a second game with the same question. The game of course is won if the player answers the question and collect the hidden object. However, if the player fail to answer the question, the player will answer on a second life and has to pay a forfeit. The player have four possible answers to choose from: A, B, C and D. A Newzoon official page are available at The official website. You can find here several online images of the game and some additional information. Unfortunately, the game is in Croatian language. Contents Set Up During the initialization, you have to specify which contestant's you want to play. The game consists of six contestants, and three life cycles. The number of life cycles depends on the contestant, and on the difficulty level of the question (i.e. the number of letters to answer, the number of options, the 'pressing order', etc.). The player can choose from three difficulties: Low, Med and High. For the Low difficulty, the numbers of life cycles are five, six and seven respectively. The difficulty level number of options are two, three and four. The player can change the difficulty during the game, in case they need more options for example. The player can change the difficulty with the mouse, the keyboard, or the right mouse button. The game consists of six questions. Each question can be played on a contestant, in case you want to play against a specific contestant. Also, you can answer the question before your opponent. The player will have a pause button on the top right of the screen. Use the pause button, when you want to have a rest for a minute or two. However, the pause button will not pause the game of your opponent. The game is made turn based, and you have three turns to answer. The player will not be able to make a second move, or the game will be lost. Each turn, the player is given a pause, in case he needs to think about the answer for a minute. Input You can control the game with the keyboard, the mouse, or a joystick. The player can have at most five possible answers to choose from. These are A, B, C, D, E (not a working option). E is not a working option, but the game will still recognize it as the answer.



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Sraz Igra Download (April-2022)

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